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The magazine in Spain for Swedes and Scandinavians!

“Only the sun covers the coast better than we do!”

Svenska Magasinet started in September 1990 and is the longest established Swedish magazine in Spain.
  • We print 8-10.000 copies every month, except August.
  • Svenska Magasinet is published in Spain and is also distributed at the largest property exhibition, "Buying Properties Abroad", in Scandinavia.
  • We have a large amount of subscribers in Sweden as well as in other European countries.
  • Svenska Magasinet is distributed first and foremost on the Costa del Sol, the most populararea for Swedes settling in the south of Europe.
The magazine contains articles and reports about Spain, including excursions, news, interesting profiles, lifestyle, sports, culture, important information, and much more. Through quality design and carefully targeted distribution, Svenska Magasinet provides a unique space for your company's advertising. As a professional company, we are sure you will be professional about marketing your business and will only expect the best possible results from your marketing expenditure.

Why advertise with us?
  • We are the longest established Swedish monthly magazine in Spain.
  • We have the largest distribution with 8-10.000 copies published every month.
  • Our magazine is distributed between Almuñecar and Manilva in more than 250 places.
  • Svenska Magasinet is always present at the Property Fairs in Sweden, with 6 shows per year.
  • We have over 400 subscribers all over Europe.
Publicity in Svenska Magasinet gives your business a great opportunity to reach the Scandinavian market.
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Office address:
C/ Quemada 10, 296 40 Fuengirola, Spain
Tel +34 952 665 007
Movil: +34 637 559 039
Annons - Svenska magasinet
Annons - Svenska magasinet
Annons - Svenska magasinet
Annons - Svenska magasinet
Annons - Svenska magasinet
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På över 250 ställen utefter Solkusten som frekventeras av svenskar. Bland annat: Advokater, Banker, Frisörer, Föreningar, Golfbanor, Konsulat, Kyrkan, Köpcentra, Läkare, Resebyråer, Restauranger, Supermercados, Skolor, Tandläkare, m. fl.

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