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Therefore, you should have a banner on our website?
The adverts on our Internet pages are read by Swedes and Scandinavians interested in Spain, from tourist trips to living and residents in Spain.
- Over 40,000 unique visitors each month, more than 250,000 page views each month. 

All those see your advertising. 
- Want to see our visitor numbers and rankings , click here!
Write late into the web page that you want to compare with. 

- A banner helps your customers find you 
Our statistics show that some banner can be clicked on more than 5,000 times per month. Is your product interesting for our readers, they will find you quickly and easily. 

- A banner on our home works 
all the positive emails from our customers speaks for itself. A banner with us gives results! 

- Prices on 1st page, 
other pages in the extent of the site

Banner right kollumn Price / month 
60 pixels high 190 EUR 
120 pixels high 220 EUR 
200 pixels high 250 EUR 

Banner News Price / month 
90 pixels in News € 250 

Special Investments
Topframe right    EUR 250 
Topframe mid    EUR 300 
The above news   350 EUR 
Directly under the top frame 420 euros 

Banner in the weekly newsletter mailings 6 
Top Banner 250 euros
Bottom Banner 210 EUR

Banner Production :  50 euros simple layout

Format .jpeg or .gif contact us for instructions on sizes,

prices excl. 21% IVA. 
All banners include link. 

Contact for more information
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